Send Your Child Back to School with Clear Eyesight

Send Your Child Back to School with Clear Eyesight

As the summer break comes to a close, there are plenty of parents worry about when it comes to preparing their children for the upcoming school year. Next to clothes, supplies, and medical and dental checkups, professional eye exams should also be on the list. Unfortunately, compared to those other concerns, eye exams are often easier to forget or skip, and for many kids, that could make the upcoming year tougher than it has to be. Today, we examine why it’s important to ensure your child’s optimal vision before school begins again, and why a professional eye exam offers more comprehensive results than a standard school-issued vision test.

Why Professional Screening Is More Important

Most schools want to ensure that their students are able to pay attention and get the most out of their lessons. That’s why they provide a standard visual acuity test. However, these tests don’t include screenings for vision disorders or testing of the binocular vision system. These tests are especially important in light of research that shows many children who are believed to suffer from ADD/ADHD also exhibit a range of vision disorders. A more comprehensive vision test will help remove any hindrances to your child’s ability to concentrate in class.

The Importance of Clear Vision for the School Year

Even if your child doesn’t have trouble concentrating, clear and precise vision is still important for their overall quality of life, especially during the school year. For example, the older children get and the higher the grade they attend, the more they have to see, process, and analyze in every class. This means they may experience more eye strain with each grade, and the greater demands on their eyes could exacerbate underlying vision problems.

Schedule a Back-to-School Vision Test

Scheduling a vision test for your child should be one of the more important items on each year’s back-to-school checklist. For more information, or to schedule an eye exam for your child, call Kirkwood Eye Center in Southlake, TX, today at (817) 416-2010.

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