Eye Health

It’s no surprise that what you eat directly impacts every part of your body, and your eyes are no exception. If they don’t receive an adequate amount of nutrition, then the cells and tissues in your eyes will have trouble functioning properly and, eventually, fail to function at all. Fortunately, ensuring a consistent supply of essential nutrients can have the exact opposite effect, helping you preserve your eyesight and reduce your risks of developing a degenerative eye disease. These are just some of the common foods you should include in your diet every day to optimize those effects.

Itchy eyes are as uncomfortable as they are common, and despite the powerful urge to do so, scratching or rubbing the itch away isn’t always a good idea. Depending on the exact cause, your itchy eyes may indicate something more than just a speck of dust or debris in your eye. To avoid making your condition worse, we strongly recommend scheduling an eye exam as soon as possible to determine the cause of your itchy eyes and the most appropriate course of treatment.

Besides the fact that you should protect your eyes from debris when necessary and visit your eye doctor routinely for professional eye exams, how much do you know about your eye health? For many people, the earliest signs of common eye conditions go unnoticed until they become severe. Others may fail to mitigate their risks of eye problems and diminished sight because they don’t realize that genetic and other factors make them more susceptible. To know your eye health better, be sure to visit your eye doctor on a regular basis, and to ask any question you may have regarding your eye sight.