Eye Emergency

Maintaining a regular schedule of eye exams is essential to keeping your eyes healthy and your vision clear. If you’re especially at-risk for eye troubles, then those visits are even more important. However, there may be times when you should visit your optometrist for an examination even if it isn’t time for your regularly scheduled appointment. For example, if you notice these signs (or other, similar issues with your eye health), then you should make time for an eye examination as soon as possible. 

When you have an eye emergency, your first impulse may be to visit your physician as soon as possible to seek emergency medical care. While it’s a good instinct, most physicians will refer you to an optometrist for expert eye care. At our center, we’re highly experienced and uniquely equipped to diagnose, triage, and treat eye emergencies of all types. However, until you make it your emergency eye appointment, there are some things you can do to avoid making your condition worse.