The Benefits of Choosing Dailies Total 1® Lenses

The Benefits of Choosing Dailies Total 1® Lenses

Millions of people rely on corrective contact lenses to enjoy the benefits of clear, healthy vision. While there are many forms of lenses (i.e., weekly or monthly disposable lenses), patients who choose daily disposable lenses often enjoy the most benefits. In addition to the health and safety advantages of being able to dispose of your contact lenses each day, Dailies Total 1® lenses also offer the benefits of superior comfort and stability, even for patients who enjoy a more active lifestyle. Today, we examine a few of these benefits to help you determine if Dailies Total 1® lenses are right for you.

The Dailies Lens Advantage

  • Lower risks of eye infection – As you wear your contact lenses each day, they accumulate deposits of calcium, lipids, and protein from your tears. Repeated-use lenses can be washed and rinsed before being stored, but even the strongest cleaning solutions are not 100% effective at removing these deposits. By disposing of your lenses at the end of each day, you eliminate the risks of exposing your eyes to these potentially infectious substances.
  • Greater daily comfort – In addition to greater safety from eye infections, the ability to dispose your Dailies Total 1® lenses each day also means that your contact lenses will always be as comfortable as possible. Each Dailies lens contains a nearly 100% water content on its external surface, which creates a comfortable and smooth surface that lasts the entire day. This also means the lenses can transmit a higher level of oxygen so your eyes and lenses can “breathe” easier each day.

Find Out if Dailies Total 1® Lenses Are Right for You

If you need corrective lenses, then consult with us to find out if Dailies Total 1® lenses are your most suitable option. For more information, or to schedule an eye exam, call Kirkwood Eye Center in Southlake, TX, today at (817) 416-2010.

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