Signs that You Need an Eye Exam ASAP

Signs that You Need an Eye Exam ASAP

Maintaining a regular schedule of eye exams is essential to keeping your eyes healthy and your vision clear. If you’re especially at-risk for eye troubles, then those visits are even more important. However, there may be times when you should visit your optometrist for an examination even if it isn’t time for your regularly scheduled appointment. For example, if you notice these signs (or other, similar issues with your eye health), then you should make time for an eye examination as soon as possible. 

Your night vision is worse

It’s natural to see less clearly at night when your eyes have limited light to work with. For millions of people, poor night vision is a chronic condition that can be accommodated with corrective lenses. However, if you have good night vision that starts to grow worse, then it may be one of the earliest signs of eye issues such as cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, and more.

Your day vision is worse

Because your eyes have plenty of light to work with, diminished sight during the daytime is often more noticeable. Depending on the specific reason why your eye sight is growing worse, you may experience a combination of symptoms such as fluctuating vision, floaters, black spots, flashes of light, and more. You might also notice your eyes becoming strained or fatigued faster and for longer than usual.

You have an eye infection

Eye infections can often cause problems that make your eyes uncomfortable and your vision problematic. In many cases, an eye infection may clear up on its own. However, you may be able to speed your recovery and restore your good eye health sooner by visiting your optometrist as soon as possible.

Call us to schedule an appointment

If you experience these or any other signs of issues with your eye health and sight, then schedule an eye exam as soon as possible to increase your chances of avoiding more serious risks. For more information, or to schedule an eye exam with us, call Kirkwood Eye Center in Southlake, TX, today at (817) 416-2010.

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