“Easy” is a great description of Ortho-K. Enjoy clear vision during the day without the hassle and inconvenience of glasses, soft contacts, or the risks of surgery. Ortho-K has been proven both safe and effective by the FDA and multiple studies. Stop worrying about whether your eyes or your child’s eyes will get worse, and control their myopia. Ortho-K provides patients and parents with the results they want.


Myopia control, corneal reshaping, orthokeratology, Ortho-K, and corneal refractive therapy are all names for the same non-surgical treatment aimed at clear vision without glasses or daytime contacts while controlling myopic degeneration.  Eye doctors have been prescribing Ortho-K for over four decades. Since 2005, patients have been able to choose FDA-approved accelerated-overnight orthokeratology to reach their vision goals. The lengthy FDA approval process ensures patients are receiving safe, effective treatment while minimizing health risks.


Teenagers and kids benefit from Ortho-K due to the easy treatment schedule. Parents oversee the whole process which is done at home. The treatment takes place during sleeping hours, so the reshaping lenses are applied just before bedtime. Upon waking, the reshaping lenses are removed and placed in a sterile storage case. Contrast the ease of Ortho-K with broken glasses and scratched or smudged lenses which are such a hassle.


Vision is clear when light is focused accurately onto the retina. Blurry vision results when light is focused in front of or behind the retina by even a fraction of a millimeter. The cornea is flexible and responds quickly to the reshaping process, causing light to focus accurately onto the retina. The cornea can be changed by very small amounts resulting in dramatic improvements in vision. Ortho-K improves vision by accurately reshaping the cornea much like braces reposition the teeth. The clear front of the eye (the cornea) is comprised of layers. Over 90% of the thickness of the cornea is a tough, elastic tissue called the stroma. The surface covered in tears is call the epithelium, and is about 10% of the total thickness. Both of these tissue layers change during the Ortho-K treatment process overnight. Rapid improvements in vision can be achieved due to the eye’s elasticity. Our patients will typically see improvements in vision after the first night’s treatment, with continued improvement over the next two weeks. Once the vision is clear, the results are maintained by using retainer lenses (much like how teeth remain straight after wearing braces through continued use of a retainer).


● Clear vision
● Slows the progression of the eye disease myopia
● Parental supervision because treatment is home based, and no glasses or contacts are needed in the classroom or during competition


Costs are similar to orthodontic care. Ortho-K offers a good return on investment with savings on new glasses and contact lenses and eliminating the cost and hassle of repairing and replacing broken glasses and lost contacts lenses. The best return on investment, though, is preventing poor vision from progressing and causing additional degeneration of the eye and retina and increased risks for eye disease.


Is Ortho-K safe for children?

Yes. Children may gain even greater benefit than adults by slowing or even stopping the progression of nearsightedness.

Will I have 20/20 vision?

Some patients do. Some gain 20/10, some 20/40. It depends on the elasticity of your cornea and other factors. You will certainly make noticeable gains.

Does it hurt?

No. The examination and lens fitting procedures are entirely noninvasive, and the molding lenses themselves feel as comfortable as any ordinary contact lens.

Will the molding lenses damage my cornea?

No. The lens itself is gas permeable, allowing oxygen to nourish your eye. You will wear the lenses for 6-8 hours, about half the time most daily contact lens wearers spend with their lenses.

What will it cost?

From the initial exam to a fitting of custom lenses and follow up visits, the cost starts at $1,625 per eye.

How quickly will I see results?

Most patients make vision gains from the very first night.

What happens if I stop wearing the lenses?

After a day or two, your vision will revert to your old prescription as your cornea resumes its previous shape. Your eye health will be unaffected.

Why would I choose Otho-K over surgery?

Ortho-K is simply a non-surgical alternative. The process is proven, reversible, and safe for children as well as adults.