Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are an excellent alternative to glasses and refractive surgery. Today’s advanced technology in contact lens materials allows millions of patients to wear contact lenses.


The Contact Lens Consultations at Kirkwood Eye Center involve a patient-centered discussion of both lifestyle and contact lens needs to determine your best corrective option. If you suffer from dry eye, allergies, or recurring eye infections, make sure to discuss these items with our staff and doctors so that we can establish the healthiest option for your contact lens wear. For all contact lens patients, we will assess the corneal health and rule out conditions that can complicate contact lens wear. New to contact lens wear? No problem, our staff will gladly walk you through the training for the care, application, and removal of contact lenses so that you are set up for success!


We offer a wide variety of contact lenses, such as soft contact lenses in daily, biweekly, or monthly replacement options for all types of refractive error including astigmatism and multifocal lenses! Further, our staff is experienced in fitting and managing patients with specialized contact lens needs, such as patients with previous difficulty with contact lenses, contact lens related dryness and ocular allergies. We also offer vision correction for more complex ocular conditions such as keratoconus, irregular corneas or corneal transplants with specialty fit scleral lenses. Whether your eyes and vision conditions are straight-forward or complex, our goal is to work with each patient to determine the best and healthiest contact lens for you!


  • Healthy eyes
  • Convenient
  • Improves peripheral vision
  • Freedom from reading glasses for patients over 40
  • Color lenses
  • Myopia control for kids
  • Home delivery
  • Helps astigmatism patients
  • Disposable


Single-use, daily disposable contact lenses provide the healthiest, most convenient contact-lens-wearing experience. The latest technology is the water gradient lens which is 6 times more breathable than other daily disposable soft contacts. Available for nearsighted and farsighted patients.


Wake up to clear vision with FDA-approved continuous-wear lenses. This technology minimizes lens deposits for healthy, comfortable lenses. Available for nearsighted and farsighted patients.


See more of the world around you by eliminating the frame and lenses of eyeglasses. By correcting vision directly at the cornea, many patients experience improved peripheral vision.


Near-vision blur on our phones and computers can be frustrating. Bring your world back into focus with multifocal lenses. This advanced contact lens technology can reduce or eliminate the frustration of reading glasses. Ask about how we can help you eliminate the frustration of readers, even if you’re never worn contact lenses.


Beautiful color enhancement lenses make your natural eye color more vibrant or even completely change your eye color just for fun. Subtle effects for enhancing your natural eye color can be achieved even when no prescription is needed. Vibrant effects for a dramatic color change are available with and without prescription.


Myopia control is our focus for growing kids. We don’t want to see their prescription get higher each year. Many of our pediatric patients are on a program to control their myopia with specially designed lenses. The earlier we begin treatment, the better. Kids are fast learners and the privilege of using contact lenses often brings about positive changes, even in personality. Athletes who compete without their glasses are at a disadvantage.


We can save you time by having your new contact lenses sent directly to you at home or at the office—you choose. Your eye health is our priority, and clean lenses help maintain healthy eyes.


Even if you’ve been told before that you’re not a candidate for contacts, we can review the latest technology with you and help many patients achieve freedom from glasses.


Temporary, disposable contact lenses are perfect for patients who need to change their look without a long-term commitment.