Imagine getting better vision while you sleep. That's the idea of Orthokeratology (Ortho-K for short). As an alternative to LASIK surgery, Ortho-K gently reshapes your cornea while you sleep so you can enjoy your active day without glasses, regular contacts, or the need for surgery.


The American Glaucoma Society states that there are at least 3 million Americans who suffer from glaucoma and it is the leading cause of worldwide preventable blindness. Kirkwood Eye Center has invested in the most advanced equipment available to accurately diagnose and manage this treatable disease.


At Kirkwood Eye Center we are here to help with ALL of your emergency eye needs. During normal business hours, we accept emergencies on a walk-in basis, or you can simply call our office and we can set you up with a same-day appointment. For your convenience, we are on call 24 hours, seven days per week to provide emergency eye care after hours.


Dry eye is a condition in which a person doesn't have enough tears to lubricate and nourish the front surface of the eye. Tears are necessary for maintaining the comfort and health of the ocular surface and for providing clear vision. Chronic dry eye is a common problem, particularly in older adults, and typically affects women more than men.


Kirkwood Eye Center will help you improve your self-esteem. One study shows that people who wear contact lenses tend to have a higher self-esteem than those who wear eyeglasses. Contact lenses have a positive benefits including promoting healthy eyes, improving convenience, improving peripheral vision, having home delivery options, helping children with myopia, helping astigmatisms, being disposable and comfortable to use, and more.


The eye is one place we see diabetes effecting the body and therefore necessitates a yearly thorough eye exam. In patients with diabetes, we see a weakening of the walls of the retinal blood vessels. At Kirkwood Eye Center we are committed to providing the most advanced equipment available in the industry which aide us in the ability to identify retinal changes.


Kirkwood Eye Center isn't just here to help you see better, we can help you look better too! We offer LATISSE, a prescription treatment that makes your eyelashes longer, thicker, and darker. It is believed to grow eyelashes in two ways: by increasing the length of the eyelash and increasing the number of lashes.


Blepharitis is one of the more common ocular disorders we see on a day-in-and-day-out basis at Kirkwood Eye Center. While we diagnose it daily, a majority of the time when we mention to a patient that they are suffering from this condition, they commonly tell us they have never heard that before. We have found it to be one of the most under-diagnosed ocular conditions.


At Kirkwood Eye Center, our doctors are committed to providing you with the most thorough, personalized eye exams possible. We do this by utilizing state-of-the-art equipment that ranges from obtaining the pressure in your eye with no more “PUFF” to 100% digital refractions, as well as utilization of the Optomap technology, which enables the doctors to view of your retina without dilation.