As a chronic condition, diabetes impacts most of your body’s cellular action. Cells rely on glucose (sugar) for energy, and the disease inhibits your body’s ability to control and process it. This can have several significant impacts on your overall wellbeing, including your eye health. In fact, the most common cause of blindness in people under the age of 60 is diabetic retinopathy, though other eye diseases are also commonly associated with diabetes.

Like the rest of your physical wellbeing, the health of your eyes and quality of your eyesight depend heavily on a healthy supply of essential nutrients. For example, carrots are well-known for maintaining healthy eyes because they’re rich in beta-carotene, which helps your body absorb and utilize vitamin A.  Night blindness and significant dry eye symptoms can result from Vitamin A deficiencies. Beside carrots and vitamin A, though, there are several other nutrients your eyes rely on, many of which you may not realize are directly related to your eye health.