Do Your Eyes Itch?

Do Your Eyes Itch?

Itchy eyes are as uncomfortable as they are common, and despite the powerful urge to do so, scratching or rubbing the itch away isn’t always a good idea. Depending on the exact cause, your itchy eyes may indicate something more than just a speck of dust or debris in your eye. To avoid making your condition worse, we strongly recommend scheduling an eye exam as soon as possible to determine the cause of your itchy eyes and the most appropriate course of treatment.


Itchy eyes are a frequent symptom of food, animal, and seasonal allergies. Allergic reactions are potentially damaging immune reactions to certain foreign substances, such as dog or cat hair, compounds in some foods, or environmental substances like pollen. Antihistamines and artificial tears may help provide relief from your symptoms, including eye itchiness, until the allergic reaction subsides. While allergies can’t always be prevented, you may be able to reduce your reactions by understanding what you’re allergic to and avoiding it as much as possible.

Dry Eye

When your tear ducts don’t produce enough tears, or when the quality of the tears they produce isn’t up-to-par, the resulting in chronic dryness can cause a host of problems. That includes frequent, sometimes intense itchiness that can make it almost impossible not to scratch. Artificial tears provided by your optometrist can offer significant, immediate relief, though you might require more involved treatment depending on the severity of your condition.

Eyelid inflammation

Eyelid inflammation can occur for a variety of reasons, from eye irritation to blepharitis (tiny collarettes of bacterial excretion on your eyelids) and more. If your eyelids exhibit inflammation and noticeable swelling along with itchiness, then you should schedule an emergency eye exam as soon as possible. The sooner your optometrist can diagnose the reason behind the inflammation, the better chance you’ll have at avoiding more serious symptoms.

Learn how to cure your itchy eyes

If your eyes are chronically itchy, then find out why and how to relieve them as soon as possible. For more information, or to schedule an eye exam with us, call Kirkwood Eye Center in Southlake, TX, today at (817) 416-2010.

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