Common Questions About Children’s Eye Health

Common Questions About Children’s Eye Health

Of all five of our senses, eyesight provides most of the sensory information we receive. As such, caring for your child’s eye health is an important aspect of their overall quality of life. For example, poor eye sight can lead to issues including trouble at school and, in some cases, behavioral issues. Fortunately, children can often address any problems with their eye health and maintain the quality of their eye sight through regular care and maintenance.

At what age should you worry about eye health?

Your child’s eye health is important from birth, and is one of the first things pediatricians check on newborns. Routine exams, usually once every two years, should begin as early as the age of one, and once your child begins school, it can become mandatory before each school year. Between visits, you may be able to tell if your child is experiencing vision problems by paying attention to certain warning signs. If necessary, your child may need corrective glasses or contact lenses to address such problems.

How can you tell if your child needs glasses?

If your child’s vision begins to fade and glasses become necessary, then you may notice it before your child’s next exam through signs such as your child constantly squinting or having trouble paying attention in class. You might also notice your child holding books or personal devices too close to the face or sitting too closely to the TV, indicating an inability to see clearly from afar. If you notice any of these signs, then you should visit an eye exam for your child as soon as possible, even if it isn’t time for a regularly scheduled visit.

Schedule an eye exam for your child

Caring for your child’s eye sight should begin as early as possible, and should continue regularly well into adulthood. For answers to more questions about your child’s eye health, or to schedule an eye exam for your child soon, call Kirkwood Eye Center in Southlake, TX, today at (817) 416-2010.

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