Eye Protection

Many of our daily habits have a significant impact on our health, for better or worse. For instance, if you constantly eat junk food and live a sedentary lifestyle without exercising, then you’ll be more likely to experience a wide range of health problems as you grow older. The same is true for your eyesight. Like any other part of your body, your eye health and sight are dramatically affected by things you do every day. Fortunately, the right habits can help make sure that impact is a positive one, such as reducing your risk of developing a progressive eye disease in the future.

Whether it’s a speck of dust or something larger and more impactful that hits your eye, there are many different things that can lead to a potentially serious eye injury. This July is Eye Injury Prevention Month, and to help raise awareness about the importance of protecting your eyesight, we take a look at a few facts you should know about well-known and not so well-known dangers to your eyes.

For as long as you have it, your eyesight is a vital part of your overall quality of life. Therefore, taking good care of your eyesight and eye health is important to maintaining that quality. Today, we take a look at a few things you can do to make sure you’re taking good care of your eyes, and how doing so could improve your chances of preserving your eyesight for life.

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month, which is dedicated to raising awareness about the many potential risk factors of skin cancer. Excessive sun exposure is just one of those many risks, but for many people, the dangers are more subtle than they realize. For instance, even after slathering sunscreen all over your exposed skin, the sensitive skin closest to your eyes could still be vulnerable to UV radiation. That’s why one of the important things to remember this summer (and all year round) is to ensure you have adequate protection in the form of UV-protective sunglasses, such as the Maui Jim’s line of products that are certified by the Skin Cancer Foundation.