Can Regular Exercise Improve Your Eye Health?

Can Regular Exercise Improve Your Eye Health?

When it comes to your overall health and quality of life, there isn’t much that regular exercise can’t improve. Yet, you may not realize that includes your eye health. From health-related eye problems to age-related vision impairment, maintaining a routine schedule of exercise (and a healthier lifestyle overall) can help you improve your eye health and reduce your risks of experiencing chronic issues later in life.

Diabetic Eye Problems

Diabetes affects your body’s ability to regulate blood sugar, which can lead to a host of eye problems such as damage to retina’s blood vessels (also known as diabetic retinopathy). Regular exercise not only reduces your risks of diabetes, but also helps you manage the disease better if you already have it, which reduces your risks of experiencing eye problems related to the disease.

Age-Related Cataracts

As you age, the cells in your eyes change behavior slightly, and cataracts are one of the common results of this change. Cataracts involve the clouding of your eye’s lens, and they’re one of the leading causes of reduced vision. When you stick to an active lifestyle, age-related cellular changes occur much slower, which can help prevent or slow the formation of cataracts.

Glaucoma Risks

By improving your overall cardiovascular system, exercising regularly also improves blood and oxygen flow to your eyes. This helps reduce your risks of developing glaucoma, an incurable condition that occurs when your eyeball experiences increased fluid pressure. Because it can’t be cured, glaucoma is another leading cause of adult blindness, and exercising to mitigate your risks of it can offer a significant advantage in preserving your eyesight.

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Along with a healthy diet and regular eye exams, a consistent exercise routine can help significantly improve your overall eye health. For more information, or to schedule an eye exam, call Kirkwood Eye Center in Southlake, TX, today at (817) 416-2010.

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