Benefiting from Ortho-K Treatment

Benefiting from Ortho-K Treatment

For your vision to be as clear as possible, light has to hit your retinas directly, with exact precision. If the light is off by even a fraction of a millimeter, then the images you see will be blurry. Ortho-K, also known as orthokeratology (or corneal reshaping) is the gentle, non-surgical process of reshaping the cornea to ensure that light hits the retina more accurately. Using comfortable corrective lenses that can be worn at night, Ortho-K treatment can help children and adults enjoy clearer vision in as little as two weeks, without the need for contact lenses, glasses, or eye surgery.

How Does Ortho-K Work?

The layers of your eye’s cornea are highly elastic and resilient, and Ortho-K takes advantage of that fact to help patients regain clear sight almost overnight. Treatment involves the use of customized lenses that gently guide the layers of the cornea into proper shape and position, and can be administered at home and under parental supervision, for minors. The procedure is similar in principle to orthodontic treatment to correct misaligned teeth. Using gentle realignment methods, the lenses improve your vision by ensuring your eyes process light with optimal precision.

The Advantages of Ortho-K

Clear vision in a matter of weeks without extensive treatment is the main advantage of undergoing Ortho-K treatment. However, the treatment may also help slow the progression of myopia (nearsightedness), which affects almost half of people of all ages in the U.S. Because the treatment is performed overnight at home, it doesn’t affect your already busy schedule.

Schedule an Exam to Learn More

To correct unclear vision or slow the progression of myopia, ask your optometrist if you’re a good candidate for non-invasive Orth-K treatment. To schedule an eye exam, call Kirkwood Eye Center in Southlake, TX, today at (817) 416-2010.

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