August 2018

You know your eyes are important. You use them every day. Yet, like many people, you might not realize how important routine eye exams are to maintaining the health of your eyes and the quality of your eyesight. While every day habits like what you eat, how often you exercise (if at all), and whether or not you protect your eyes when it counts play a significant role in whether or not you maintain your healthy eyes for life. However, without routine exams to ensure that there are no developing concerns or issues to address, those efforts may end up being ineffective at preserving your eye health.

It’s no secret that proper nutrition is vital to maintaining good eye health as well as your overall systemic wellbeing. For example, most people recognize carrots as the most eye health-friendly vegetable thanks to their rich beta-carotene content. However, recent studies suggest that the right amount of healthy minerals and nutrients might do more than just help maintain good eye health. In one study, researchers found that participants who ate at least one orange per day were significantly less likely to develop age-related macular degeneration (AMD). The evidence suggests that the high concentration of nutrients found in oranges help slow or prevent some of the underlying physiological factors that lead to AMD and resulting sight loss.

As the summer break comes to a close, there are plenty of parents worry about when it comes to preparing their children for the upcoming school year. Next to clothes, supplies, and medical and dental checkups, professional eye exams should also be on the list. Unfortunately, compared to those other concerns, eye exams are often easier to forget or skip, and for many kids, that could make the upcoming year tougher than it has to be. Today, we examine why it’s important to ensure your child’s optimal vision before school begins again, and why a professional eye exam offers more comprehensive results than a standard school-issued vision test.